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After following training courses in colorimetric analysis, lighting and photography I spent several years in the world of images before my reconversion.

I was trained by a well known master craftsman and I have been working in Decoration and Renovation for 20 years.

Based in Orange, in the Vaucluse (84), I will consider any proposal for painting, the installation of wall hangings (ideal for home theatres), wallpaper, of plaster mouldings, stretched ceilings, Led and fiber optics…. All the components of decoration
Working area: PACA, southern Rhône Alps, the Gard and further areas following requests..

Summing up one’s profession in a few lines is not easy; experience and my training courses have enabled me to visualize the finished result, making it easier for me to anticipate the correct basic preparation. The result depends on the size of the rooms, furniture, the subtle distinction of colours. The lighting whether natural or artificial is important because without this knowledge the finished result will be flat. Which is why I often advise my clients on the lighting.

The colour “off white”, depending on its depth, can create reflections and other more subtle and brilliant tones.
I work with lime, natural materials, Venetian style tints that can be waxed, and other materials such as hemp.
I like to work in harmony with my clients which is why advising them is very important. I have to meet their expectations and the role of the master craftsman is to use appropriate materials for the sites.

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This is not just a job, it’s a passion.
My work is to create atmospheres in which you feel comfortable.
Please visit the different sections of the site to study the finished projects or those in progress.

Please contact me :                                 06 81 76 77 13

I thank all those who have left me a touch of freedom and trusted me for 20 years, and also those who have asked again for my services